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Zoomgu: Intelligent vending machines make smart retail simple and convenient

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Zoomgu is a set of vending machine research and development manufacturing, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, cloud services, big data, mobile payment, vending machine hardware and software development and customization technology in one of the national high-tech enterprises, always adhere to independent research and development, deep cultivation vending machine industry for 17 years. At present, the company has more than 100 engineer composed of research and development team.
Machine online number, same-day payment method, machine growth data, gender age analysis... On a display in the exhibition hall, the reporter saw that the data on the big data platform of SAAS Smart Operations of Zoomgu is constantly being updated.
At present, nearly 200 patents have been applied for, intellectual property rights of a variety of warehouse models, integrated a variety of payment methods, including 14 invention patents, utility model patents 129, software copyright more than 10 items. Up to now, Zoomgu factory products in the market to maintain nearly 150,000 units, the output value is expected to reach 450 million yuan this year, the output exceeded 70,000 units, showing a sustained growth trend.